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Bộ giám sát tốc độ ZKZ-4

Bộ giám sát tốc độ ZKZ-4

đại lý ZKZ-4 | nhà phân phối ZKZ-4 | bộ điều khiển ZKZ-4

Thông số kỹ thuật đồng hồ đo tốc độ ZKZ-4

I. Overview

ZKZ-4 PLC speed monitoring device external speed pulse sensor, voltage transformer signal monitoring the speed of the turbine generator in real time, and output the switch signal and the analog signal corresponding to the unit speed at each unit speed point of the unit, for automatic opening and closing And power plant monitoring system services.

二. Technical parameters

The number of measuring signals: One tooth pulse signal, all the way to residual pressure.

Measurement accuracy: Non-linearity <1%, speed dead-zone <0.02%

Display content: Percentage of generator frequency rotation, setting of each output.

Display mode: Display mode: LED digital tube

Switch output signal:

Speed ​​value signal: 10 ways, each point can be set by the user within the specified range.

Peristaltic monitoring signal: 1 way, contact closure at speeds from 0.05% to 1% Ne

Device failure alarm signal: PLC input and output point failure or device failure

Analog output: 4~20mA corresponding unit speed 0%-200%Ne

Output contact capacity: 5A/250VAC, 2A/30VDC

Communication: RS485 (MODBUS RTU protocol)

Working environment: Temperature 0~50°C Humidity<85%

Dimensions: Panel Mount 484×320×134mm (Length×Deep×Height)

Weight: 7kg

Opening size: 452+10×136+10 mm

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