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Encoder Baumer AMG11 P29 Z0

Encoder Baumer AMG11 P29 Z0 AMG81S13T2048 AMG81S13H1024 AMG81S13H2048 AMG81S25Z0 AMG81S25T1024 AMG81S25T2048 AMG81S25H1024 AMG81S25H2048 AMG71S13S2048 AMG71S25S2048 AMG71S29S2048 AMG75S22Z0 AMG75S22T1024 AMG75S22T2048 HMG11P29Z0 HMG11P29T1024 HMG11P29T2048 HMG11P29H1024 HMG11P29H2048 HMG11S13Z0 HMG11S13T1024 HMG11S13T2048 HMG11S13H1024 HMG11S13H2048 HMG11S25Z0 HMG11S25T1024 HMG11S25T2048 HMG11S25H1024 HMG11S25H2048 HMG161S13Z0 HMG161S13T2048 HMG161S13H2048 HMG161P29Z0 HMG161P29T2048 HMG161P29H2048 POG9D1024 POG9D1024I POG9DN1024AMG81S25Z0 POG9DN1024I POG10D1024 POG10D1024I POG10DN1024 POG10DN1024I HOG9D1024 HOG9D1024I …

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Encoder SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6

Encoder SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6 Thông số kỹ thuật Selet SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6 Flange type: Servo mounting Monodirectional and bidirectional version with and without zero Resolution up to 2500 pulses Electronics: OCN = open collector NPN, OCP = open collector PNP, SN = NPN, SP = PNP, EA = PUSH-PULL, EAP = PUSH-PULL protetto, E2A = PUSH-PULL – LINE DRIVER, E2AP = PUSH-PULL – LINE DRIVER protetto, CL = Line driver TTL Power supply: 1 = 5 …

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