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Honeywell SZR-MY4-H-N1

Honeywell SZR-MY4-H-N1

190971B/U COIL AND SHUTTER ASSY, FOR C7012E,F. ALL MODELS EXCEPT 220V/50 HZ. REPLACEMENT FOR 120625B. 190971E/U COIL AND SHUTTER ASM 191002R/U 120Vac Plug in Electronics less UV Sensing Tube for C7076D 198162GA/U INTERNAL TRANSFORMER FOR MODUTROL IV SEREIES 1 MOTORS, 220 VAC, 50 HZ PRIMARY, 40VA. 203422C/U ADAPTER BOARD FOR V9055 FLUID-POWER VALVE ACTU- ATOR TO BE USED W/4-20MA CONT ONLY, IE T775 ‘MA’ADAPTER MOUNTS INSIDE V9055 WIRING COMPARTMT. 203541/U 7800 SERIES 5-WIRE CONTROLBUS/REMOTE RESET TERMINAL BLOCK FOR S7800 (INCLUDED WITH S7800/10/20) 204718A/U NEMA 4 COVER ASSEMBLY WITH WATERPROOF GASKET FOR S7800A 204718C/U Cable ASM 205321B/U FLUSH MOUNTING BRACKET 220736A/U INTERNAL AUX SWITCH KIT FOR MODUTROL IV TRADELINE MOTORS, WITH 1 SPDT SWITCH. 220738A/U ADAPTER BRACKET FOR MODUTROL IV MOTORS, RAISES MOTOR BY 3/4″ TO MATCH SHAFT HEIGHT OF OLDER MODUTROL MOTORS. 221455A/U ADJUSTABLE CRANKARM BAG ASSEMBLY FOR USE WITH MODUTROL IV MOTORS. 221508A2/U RESISTR BRD MOD IV 221818A/U EXTENSION CABLE 221818C/U PLUG RECTIFIER 27518/U BALL JOINT MOQ 32000109-004/U 1/4 IN CC NUT + FERRULE 32000109-005/U VENTURI MEDIUM SIZED 32001605-001/U 2″NPT.USEDW/V5097,LARGEBODY.BODY 32004925-001 CLOSED POSTTTION INDICATOR (CPI) SWITCH. USED W/V4297A 393691/B LPG – KIT FOR VR8305 394800-30/U IGNITION CABLE 1/4″ QC ON MODULE END, 90 DEG. BOOT ON IGNI END. USE WITH S8600 45900429-041B Sub Base for R434B 45900441-015B PLUG & LEAD ASSY 45900441-017B MULTI-TAP TRANSFORMER 45900444-001B VENTURIA 45900444-101B Connector 45900446-051B VENTURI MANIFOLD 45900446-053B VENTURI MANIFOLD 45900450-020B 120 V TRANSFORMER – MERCHANDISED 46176612-501 Sub Base for R434B 50001U 50017460-001/U MODUTROL TRANSFROMER 24/120/230 VAC FOR MOD IV SERIES 2 ONLY 50017460-003/U 120 V TRANSFORMER – MERCHANDISED 50023821-001/U Nema 4 Cover Assembly for Panel Mounting Series 5 S7800 Display 50062162-001 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000A DN10/15 200~360mbar 220-240v 50062162-002 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000A DN20/25 200~360mbar 220-240v 50062162-003 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000A DN32/40 200-360mbar 220-240v 50062162-004 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000A DN50 200mbar 220-240v 50062162-005 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000A DN50 360mbar 220-240v 50062162-006 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000B/C DN10/15 200~360mbar 220-240v 50062162-007 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000B/C DN20/25 200~360mbar 220-240v 50062162-008 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000B/C DN32/40 200~360mbar 220-240v 50062162-009 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000B/C DN50 200mbar 220-240v 50062162-010 Coil Sub Assembly VE4000B/C DN50 360mbar 220-240v 70502 Plate PG 72710 Ignition cable ZT 870 1000mm 72720 Ignition cable ZT 870 2000mm 7274009 Ignition cable ZT 900 400mm Clip 7283001 Power cable ZT 900 300mm 7293001 Power cable ZT 870 300mm with bush 74993U Actuator LKS 160-01 (A5-5 S1) 75300 Base 98 9-pole 75310 Base 98 12-pole 7616BR/U CRANK ARM 7617ADW/U ADJUSTABLE MOTOR CRANK ARM, 0.75″ SHORTER THAN 7616BR, FOR USE WITH MODUTROL IV MOTORS. 78-LKS120-04 Actuator LKS 120-04 (A5-5 S1) 78-LKS120-05 Actuator LKS 120-05 (B5-5 S1) 78-LKS130-09 Actuator LKS 130-09 (A5-5 S1) 78-LKS130-09U Actuator LKS 130-09 (A5-5 S1) unit pack 78-LKS160-01 Actuator LKS 160-01 (A5-5 S1) 78-LKS160-09 Actuator LKS 160-09 (A5-5 S1) 78-LKS160-50U Actuator LKS 160-50 (B5-12 S2) unit pack 78-LKS160-73 Actuator LKS 160-73 (A5-3 S4) 78-LKS210-10 Actuator LKS 210-10 (B1-5 S1) 78-LKS210-10U Actuator LKS 210-10 (B1-5 S1) unit pack 78-LKS210-21U Actuator LKS 210-21 (B1-15 S2) unit pack 94-7B HI PRESS LEVEL CONTROL A4021A1002 Controll.Tenuta A4021A 220-240v blue A4021A1010 Controll.Tenuta A4021A 110v blue AT72D1030/U Coil for VE4032/4040A, 220…240 V AT72D1089/U 120V WITH 1/2 IN. MALE CONDUIT SPUD ON PRIMARY, FOOT MOUNT. BB020143 Coil for VE410/15AA 220V BB052325 Coil for VE4020/25A and for V1 of VQ425, 220…240 V, 360 mbar BB052365 coil VE4000A 65-80.3 200mb 220-240v BB152300 coil for VE4100A3/B3, 200mb 220-240v

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