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nhà phân phối moeller

Nhà phân phối Moeller

Nhà phân phối Moeller

Hiện nay chúng tôi phân phối các sản phẩm Eaton Moeller tại Việt Nam

Các sản phẩm chúng tôi phân phối Moeller gồm:

  • Automation and Control
  • Circuit Protection – Breakers
  • Circuit Protection – Fuses
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Electronics Components
  • Harsh and Hazardous Solutions
  • Life Safety and Mass Notification
  • Lighting Solutions and Controls
  • Metering, Monitoring and Protection
  • Microgrid Energy System
  • Military, Aerospace and Subsea Connectors
  • Rack Infrastructure
  • Residential
  • Structural Support and Safety Grating
  • Technical and Office Furniture
  • Transformers, Regulators and Grid Automation
  • Transportation Solutions
  • UPS Backup Power and Monitoring
  • Wiring Devices

Nhà phân phối Eaton

Eaton SK-CI-K1
Eaton VST1
Eaton CI-K1H-T0-2
Eaton CI-K1H-T0-4
Eaton CI-K2H-T3-4
Eaton CI-K2H-T3-5
Eaton CI-K5-T5-2
Eaton CI-K5-T5-4
Eaton CI-K2H-T3-2
Eaton CI-K1-95-TS
Eaton CI-K2-100-TS
Eaton CI-K2-145-TS
Eaton CI-K3-125-TS
Eaton CI-K3-160-TS
Eaton CI-K4-125-TS
Eaton CI-K4-160-TS
Eaton CI-K5-125-TS
Eaton CI-K5-160-TS
Eaton CI-K2-80-A
Eaton CI-K2-100-M
Eaton CI-K2-145-M
Eaton CI-K3-125-M
Eaton CI-K3-160-M
Eaton CI-K4-125-M
Eaton CI-K4-160-M
Eaton CI-K5-125-M
Eaton CI-K5-160-M
Eaton CI-K2-145-AD
Eaton CI-K2H-145-TS
Eaton CI-K2H-100-TS
Eaton CI-K1H-95-TS
Eaton CI-K2H-145-M
Eaton CI-K2H-100-M
Eaton TS-CI-K1
Eaton TS-CI-K2
Eaton TS-CI-K3
Eaton TS-CI-K4
Eaton TS-CI-K5
Eaton M-CI-K2
Eaton M-CI-K3
Eaton M-CI-K4
Eaton M-CI-K5
Eaton TB-CI-K
Eaton CI-K4-T5B-4
Eaton CI-K4-T5B-2
Eaton CI-K2-T3-5
Eaton CI-K2-T3-4
Eaton CI-K2-T3-2
Eaton CI-C
Eaton CI-K2-PKZ0
Eaton CI-K2-PKZ0-G
Eaton CI-K2-PKZ0-GR
Eaton CI-K2-PKZ0-GRV
Eaton CI-K2-PKZ0-GV
Eaton CI-PKZ0-GM
Eaton CI-PKZ01-PVT
Eaton E-PKZ0
Eaton E-PKZ0-G
Eaton E-PKZ0-GR
Eaton K-CI-K1/2
Eaton K-CI-K3
Eaton K-CI-K4
Eaton K-CI-K5
Eaton CI-K2H-80-K
Eaton CI-K2H-80-A
Eaton CI-K2H-145-AD
Eaton AB-CI-K4/5
Eaton CI-K3-P3-63
Eaton CI-K5-P3-100

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