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Nhà phân phối Givi Misure

Nhà phân phối Givi Misure

Nhà phân phối Givi Misure

Optical Scales Magnetic Systems Rotary Encoders Digital Readouts Position Controllers
  • ISA 2320
    Incremental optical scale of small overall dimensions
  • SCR 3923
    Multipurpose incremental optical scale
  • GVS 200
    Self-aligned incremental optical scale
  • GVS 204
    Self-aligned absolute
    optical scale
  • GVS 600
    Incremental optical scale for CNC machine tools
  • GVS 608
    Absolute optical scale for CNC machine tools
  • GMS
    Incremental modular optical scale
  • MTS
    Reading system with square-wave output
  • MTR
    Miniaturized reading system with square-wave output
  • MTV
    Reading system with sine-wave output (1 Vpp)
  • AGM
    Absolute reading system with serial interface SSI-BiSS or CANopen
  • VISION 110
    Digital readout with magnetic sensor
  • MP
    Magnetic band for various applications
  • MR
    Magnetic ring for MTS, MTV and MTR sensors
  • GVS 215
    Self-aligned incremental
    magnetic scale
  • GVS 219
    Self-aligned absolute
    magnetic scale
    Protective cover and support; external zero references
  • EN58
    Incremental encoder
    Ø 58 mm
  • AEN58
    Absolute encoder
    Ø 58 mm
  • EN38
    Incremental encoder
    Ø 38 mm
  • EN413
    Incremental encoder
    Ø 41.3 mm
  • EN30
    Incremental encoder
    Ø 30 mm
  • VN413
    Electronic handwheel, various flanges
    Encoder supports, wire systems, shaft-encoder couplings, metric wheels
  • VI518
    Single-axis digital readout, for absolute and incremental systems
  • VI700
    Multi-axis digital readout, with LED display
  • VI900
    Multi-axis digital readout, with touch-screen color LCD, for absolute and incremental systems
    Supporting arms
  • THESI 310
    Single-axis position
  • THESI 320
    Two-axis position

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Givi Misure MTS H1OC 528VL

Givi Misure PBS-HR 5Z 470MM SN.1011284 11042 10258

Givi Misure TYPE:CN600 ;SN:02112971 0392

Givi Misure SCR 5Z 100mm S.N 1015594408667 06349

Givi Misure PBS-HR 5Z 420mm REF20MM DX SN:03073535 03375 3096

Givi Misure PBS-HR 5Z 370mm REF 20MM DX/SX

Givi Misure MTSH100C0528VLM02

Givi Misure MT203 SN:S2B33693

Givi Misure ISA W1Z 00350 05VL M04/ASC(VFS)-Zero ref 35mm

Givi Misure EN53SC1 SERIAL:1134896 3394

Givi Misure GVS200 T5E 370MM REF 20MM

Givi Misure EN600 HR 05000 0528 D10 M0.5 LDC

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