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Cảm biến LS18R-300N

Cảm biến LS18R-300N

Thông số kỹ thuật sensor Conch LS18R-300N

Product Description :
LS18R-300N(P) (Retro-reflection)
Product Features :
1. Power Range: DC12~24V
2. Three different models for detecting objects
3. Open corrector transister output (NPN or PNP)
4. The output mode can be selected as “Dark ON” or “Light ON”
Model Explanation :
Sensing distance 0.1~3M
Output: NPN(N) or PNP(P)

Product Specifications :

Detecting distance
Hysteresis of detecting
Detecting object
Opaque object (2cm min.)
Power supply
Power consumption
40mA max.
NPN or PNP transistor open corrector. 100mA max.
Environmental illuminance
Sunlight 10000lux max. Incandescent 3000lux
Ambient temperature humidity
-25℃~55℃ / 35%~85% RH
Noise resistance
1000V pulse, 1uS width
Safety category
BS EN 60947-5-2 IP66
Pollution degree

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