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Cảm biến LS18R-300N

Cảm biến LS18R-300N Thông số kỹ thuật sensor Conch LS18R-300N Product Description : LS18R-300N(P) (Retro-reflection) Product Features : 1. Power Range: DC12~24V 2. Three different models for detecting objects 3. Open corrector transister output (NPN or PNP) 4. The output mode can be selected as “Dark ON” or “Light ON” …

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Bộ điều khiển KFDG4V-5-2C70N-Z-VM-U1-H7-20

Bộ điều khiển KFDG4V-5-2C70N-Z-VM-U1-H7-20 DG4V-3-0B-M-P-H7-60-EN95 DG4V-3-0C-M-U-A6-60 DG4V-3-0C-M-U-C6-60 02-119493 DG4S4LW-012C-N-60 DC24V 02-119576 DG4S4LW-012A-N-60 DC24V 02-124515 02-137129-1 35V-35A-1A-22R 02-178843 DC24V 02-341693 PVQ32B2LSS1S21C1412 02-341712 PVB10-RSY-41-CC-12 104-1611-006 20V-9A-1D-22R 2520V12A11-1CC-22-R 2520V17A141CB22R 25505-RSA G071228JH 25V10A-1A22R 25V-12A-1C-22R 25V17A-1C-22R 300AA00002A 300AA00046A 300AA00086A 220AC线圈 300AA00105A MCSCJ024BN000010 300AA00122A 300AA00126A AC230V线圈 300AA00309A 350 CG5V 8GW DMUH7-11 35VTAS-25A-2203-AA-22-R 4525V-50A14-86CC-22R 45V-60A-1B-22R 710-0047-032 C5G-815 …

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Rosemount 975MR

Rosemount 975MR Flame Detector Part Number Alternate P/N Output Configuration Housing Maximum Ambient Temperature Rosemount 975MR2A8S2E2 975MR2A8S2E2 Analog / HART / RS-485 / fault relay (NC), alarm relay (NO); source current Stainless steel housing with two M25 x 1.5 ISO conduits 85°C Rosemount 975MR2R6A1 975MR2R6A1 RS-485 / fault relay (NO), …

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