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Bộ đếm Conch CA-41K-N

Bộ đếm Conch CA-41K-N Conch RU-41K-H-N LS5D-30N, LS5D-30P, LS5R-2MN, TS-0801NA-2C, CA-41K-N, CA-61K-N, TS-0801NA, TS-1204P A, TS-1808PA, RLF-40K, PL-S4M, LS18D-70N, LS18D-10N, LS18D-10N2C, TS-1202NA, CD-41K- N, LS18-40P, RLF-40A, PL-D3Y, PL-D3M, LS3-50D, QL-1805NA, QL-1805NB, QL-1805PA, QL-18 05PB, TS-1204NA, CH-7A, CD-61K-N, LS3-1MD. CA-21K-N, CA-41K-N, CA-61K-N, CA-42K-N, CA-62K-N CA-21P-N, CA-41P-N, CA-61P-N, CA-42P-N, CA-62P-N CA-42PA-N, CA-52PA-N, …

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MIYAWAKI 61NW-X CARL STAHL RING|D6/B15/l45??6585.00.06 CARL STAHL RING|D7/B16/l53??6585.00.07 CARL STAHL RING|D8/B20/l57??6585.00.08 CARL STAHL RING|D10/B22/l69 ??6585.00.10 FADIS S.p.A. see the photo,we cannot identify this type buehler Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo s.r.l. OFT160/GGG4899/780RPM/32KW/240BAR/125 L/MIN briwatec filter element for (pump RUBIN140 SN:252496 COD:046751) FOERSTER 6.790.03-2101; FOERSTER 180 branch VEM 133629/0002H DOLD IK9169 Dunkermotoren …

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Encoder SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6

Encoder SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6 Thông số kỹ thuật Selet SL1-40-MS-20-OCP-2-C5R6 Flange type: Servo mounting Monodirectional and bidirectional version with and without zero Resolution up to 2500 pulses Electronics: OCN = open collector NPN, OCP = open collector PNP, SN = NPN, SP = PNP, EA = PUSH-PULL, EAP = PUSH-PULL protetto, E2A = PUSH-PULL – LINE DRIVER, E2AP = PUSH-PULL – LINE DRIVER protetto, CL = Line driver TTL Power supply: 1 = 5 …

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